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Gardanne 13120
Reference 1945
7 photos
Trets 13530
Reference 2310
14 photos
Brignoles 83170
Reference 2182
5 photos
Greasque 13850
Reference 2275
5 photos
Les milles 13290
Reference 8722
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Rousset 13790
Reference 2277
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Saint-savournin 13119
Reference 8558
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Fuveau 13710
Reference 2107
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Maison Les Milles 5 pice(s) 100 m2 Les milles 13290
€449 000.00 Reference 8569
Maison Les Milles 5 pice(s) 100 m2
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Simiane collongue 13109
Reference 897
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Aix En Provence - 1 room(s) - 21.05 sq. m Aix en provence 13090
Rent €575.71/month Reference GES18530001-291
 Aix En Provence - 1 room(s) - 21.05 sq. m
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Peynier - 2 room(s) - 33.11 sq. m Peynier 13790
Rent €688.00/month Reference GES16700002-286
 Peynier - 2 room(s) - 33.11 sq. m
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Trets - 2 room(s) - 43.66 sq. m Trets 13530
Rent €563.53/month Reference GES02930003-284
 Trets - 2 room(s) - 43.66 sq. m
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Gardanne 13120
Reference 882
3 photos
Peynier - 1 room(s) - 18.44 sq. m Peynier 13790
Rent €401.11/month Reference GES16630001-286
 Peynier - 1 room(s) - 18.44 sq. m
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Bouc bel air 13320
Reference 869
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Peynier - 3 room(s) - 59.48 sq. m Peynier 13790
Rent €751.00/month Reference GES00120006-286
 Peynier - 3 room(s) - 59.48 sq. m
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Rousset Rousset 13790
Rent €1 630.00/month Reference LLOC99382
For 30 years

Votre Maison, a combination of Tradition and Innovation

The Votre Maison group has become the leading independent regional real estate player, with more than 70 employees working in 17 real estate agencies in the Aix en Provence Marseille metropolitan area. We bring a different vision of real estate by placing the human relationship at the heart of our concerns. Each employee, driven by his or her commitment and equipped with the most modern tools, puts all his or her real estate expertise at the service of customer satisfaction.

We rent your property.
You rent your tranquility.
With more than 1500 lots in rental management (apartments, houses, buildings, commercial premises...) in the vicinity of Aix en Provence, Gardanne, Salon de Provence, Saint Maximin, Marseille, Aubagne, we free you from all the formalities (rental contracts, inventory of fixtures, collection of rents, distribution of charges...) in the respect of a regulation in perpetual evolution. Rental management is the best option to enhance your assets and optimize your rental income.
The value of your property starts at the foot of your building As a property manager in the vicinity of Aix en Provence, Les Pennes Mirabeau, Gardanne, salon de Provence, Saint Maximin, Aubagne, Votre Maison, enhances your assets, while controlling your co-ownership costs. Reactivity, communication, asset management and conviviality are the necessary ingredients of an efficient and peaceful management. As actors in the life of your condominium, as a responsible and attentive partner of the union council, we seek to implement our expertise on a daily basis.
We sell your property, you gain in serenity Owners, you are at the right place if you wish to sell an apartment, a house, a land, a business, a building around Aix en Provence, Marseille, Aubagne, Salon de Provence at the best price and in full safety. Votre Maison will put at your service its know-how, its means of communication and its experience to succeed in selling your property. Our modern and efficient tools allow us to capture all the buyers looking for a property in main residence, investment product, new program, business real estate.
The importance of a good price for a successful sale The price of a real estate sale is never set at random: if it is too high, you will never manage to sell your home and if it is too low, you will not make a good deal. As a specialist in real estate in the Bouches du Rhone and the Var, our experts, Project Managers offer quick solutions to estimate the value of a house, an apartment, as well as personalized services to help you sell a property in the Arc Valley, Aubagne, Aix en Provence.
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